Advertising that's a little different.

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Interactive Advertising

Invite customers and passers-by to, for example, have lasers fire towards your foot, or step on microbes to promote healthy teeth products. The Floor Display projects interactive content onto the floor, which can sense movement.

Customisable Content

Tailor the Floor Display to fit in with your products and branding requirements. You can apply custom designs to the unit, and modify the graphics of any content.

Portable Unit

You can move the Floor Display at your convenience. The unit measures 59cm (width) x 69cm (height) x 12cm (depth) and approximately 30kg in weight. Put it behind some shelves, next to some planters, encase it using a shipper with products, or use it for showcasing in the middle of a room.

Behind the Technology

Projected Content

The Floor Display uses a projector to display content on the floor, using a projection area of approximately 60cm by 90cm. Content can include (but is not limited to) HTML5 games, Unity3D games, animations, videos, images, and any other type of media.

Movement Sensing

The unit can sense user movement (e.g. users' feet) so, for example, customers or passers-by can walk in front of the Floor Display and play a game, or watch a video, on the projected area.

Adaptable Design

The display unit can be designed to meet your requirements by applying custom logos, colours, and graphics to the unit itself or on a cover. The content itself can also be customised to meet branding needs.

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